We make machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Devices that improve our quality of life and help to tackle the world’s toughest problems. We build some of the most amazing machines that you will ever see, and the software to run them. Never satisfied, we measure our performance in units that begin with pico or nano.

High tech challenges

Whether you are a student or an experienced engineer, whether you want to design or build, work with customers or software code, we are looking for people like you to help us push technology further. Explore what we have to offer. If it sounds interesting, let’s stay in touch. If it sounds right for you, let’s talk about how you can be part of progress.
Career Fields

Career Fields

Our need for fresh thinkers.

About ASML

About ASML

Create solutions that were impossible yesterday.


  • 19,216 employees
  • €9,053 million net sales
  • 60 offices in 16 countries
  • €2,119 million net income
  • 115 different nationalities
  • €1,260 million research & development spending

Job opportunities

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At our events, our fruit gum sweets probably gave you some energy. But did the puzzle on the package also trigger your problem solving abilities? You are probably dying to know the right answer. Take a look to see if you were right! 

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