What our employees say

What do our employees say about working at ASML? Here are some first-hand accounts of what it’s like working at the company. Some common themes are the stimulating work environment, the challenging technology, and the learning and career development opportunities.

Fabio Fontebasso System Install Coordinator
I am the linking pin between the factory here and the customer site. What I enjoy most is the high complexity of the installations and the constantly changing technology. Besides that I get to travel a lot. Getting to know local cultures is something I really like, because it helps me grow as a person. Fabio Fontebasso, System Install Coordinator
My job is very challenging and interesting. Our systems are complex and changing constantly. I am discovering new things all the time, so I am always learning. Every time I walk into the cleanroom and look around I’m amazed by the high tech environment I’m working in. And what I also like about my job is that I travel all over the world. I’m always amazed by the things I see, the interesting cultures and beautiful nature. Kasper Schulpen, System Install Engineer
Kasper Schulpen System Install Engineer
Roel Kist Software Engineer
I already knew how to write code and how to develop software. Through this program I also learnt the way of working inside ASML. Everybody in this class will be working in different departments, so a really important advantage of this program is that you start building your network straight away. Roel Kist, Software Engineer & ASML Software Graduate Program participant
I am confident with the theoretical knowledge I gained in university. But the technical knowledge and soft skills I learnt in this program will really help me with my goal to become an excellent software engineer. What I like, is the diversity in this company. I work with people from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. Kangqi Li, Software Engineer & ASML Software Graduate Program participant
Kangqi Li
Optics Design Engineer/Scientist
I feel I am adding value as a scientist. At ASML we push the boundaries of what is technologically possible and with my input, I help to make the difference. Our ideas become reality in the shape of a product. Rosalinda Gaudio, Optics Design Engineer

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