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We’re ASML in San Diego, California. Where millions come on vacation, 1,200 of us work tirelessly to design and manufacture sophisticated, multi-million dollar light source systems powering optical lithography machines to project circuit patterns onto silicon wafers.

We create wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum, that meet extreme specifications.

We excite Argon Fluoride gas to collect Deep Ultraviolet light controlling its wavelength and bandwidth to subatomic levels consistently and reliably.

We precisely synchronize high-energy, CO2 laser pulses to target micron-size droplets of molten-tin a fraction of the size of the thickness of a human hair traveling at speeds in excess of 220 miles per hour, to create a plasma that emits Extreme Ultraviolet photons.

For the world, this means increasingly affordable microchip performance. For us, it’s the fulfillment of a purpose. The purpose of making progress possible.

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