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Today, the technologies we call microchips, could easily be called, nanochips. That’s how small things are. And the thinking that goes into making those chips has to be EVEN BIGGER.

That’s where we come in.

ASML makes machines and software used for manufacturing silicon chips. They operate with sub-nanometer precision with tolerances calculated in single atoms. All of the world’s leading chipmakers use our equipment to make faster, smaller, smarter, and more life changing technologies possible.

Optics Manufacturing

The smaller the chips are, the more precise the optics in the ASML machines need to be. As the only optics fabrication division within all of ASML, our optics manufacturing team in Wilton make the science of polishing low-aberration optics an art, using advanced metrology equipment only a few companies in the world have. We achieve extreme flatness to enable optical contacting on a grander scale than any other industry. We capitalize on the most robust coating capabilities in the U.S. to create surfaces that tolerate extreme wear and tear conditions.


  • 23,247 employees
  • € 10.9 billion net sales
  • 60 offices in 16 countries
  • € 2.6 billion net income
  • 123 different nationalities
  • € 1.5 billion research & development spending


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CNC MRF Technician 2nd shift

CNC MRF Technician 2nd shift

Accurately manufacture and supply all ASML products in accordance with the established specification statements. Make improvements to existing products and processes, and guide the implementation of new products and processes.

Development and Engineering

In Wilton, we also have a large Development and Engineering team with about 600 engineers. There, we measure our performance in units that begin with pico or nano. As features become more atomic, tolerances grow even tighter. Our machines move at extremely high accelerations and speeds, while achieving sub-nanometer position accuracy. Our sensors bring together the best in optomechanics, electronics and software. It’s precision engineering at its best, dealing in far out decimal places where others round off.

If this sounds exciting to you, check out our engineering jobs. 

Create future technology at ASML Wilton

Join a team at the leading edge of science, technology, and manufacturing. At ASML Wilton we work in a world of sub-nanometer precision to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced lithography and metrology modules and optics. At the forefront of innovation for over 40 years, our team has achieved numerous technology milestones including the first projection lithography tool and the pioneering step-and-scan system that revolutionized the semiconductor industry. As the home of several diverse but tightly integrated teams – R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management – ASML Wilton offers a unique opportunity for multifaceted career development and is the ideal place to make your mark with a leader in semiconductor lithography systems.

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