Working and living in the Netherlands

When you decide to move to work for ASML in Veldhoven, we will help you in a number of ways.

Our relocation package includes:

  • Temporary housing
  • Mover service for furniture and other belongings
  • Allowance for the various costs associated with the move

The above allowances are determined based on your individual situation.

The Silicon Valley of Europe

ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands (Google Maps), amid a thriving ecosystem of high-tech companies that have turned the region into Europe’s top tech hub.  Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, the region sets itself apart by its unique culture of open innovation.

The Brainport  Eindhoven Region is sometimes called ‘The Silicon Valley of Europe’ and was declared Intelligent Community of the Year (2011).

The Brainport Eindhoven Region offers high living standards, good work-life balance and exciting opportunities for your professional and personal development.

ASML Netherlands campus
The world’s most innovative countries:
the Netherlands are in fourth place.
The Global Innovation Index, 2015
Eindhoven is awarded for being world’s
most Intelligent Community of the Year.
ICF, 2011
ASML Eindhoven
ASML Campus Eindhoven
Eindhoven has grown into a leading city
in the 21st century in technology and design.
Business Insider, 2015

10 reasons to work and live in the Brainport region

  1. Exciting work opportunities – with an open innovation and startup culture
  2. Eindhoven is the world’s most innovative city according to Forbes
  3. Several leading high tech Original Equipment Manufacturers
  4. Everyone speaks English – language is no barrier
  5. Eindhoven is ranked as one of the world’s most intelligent cities
  6. Attractive living environment with friendly neighborhoods, parks and recreation facilities, a lively and attractive city center and cultural and sporting activities of international standing. Including a good international school for your kids.
  7. Friendly tax climate for knowledge workers
  8. Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, it’s ideally located for accessibility and has its own international airport
  9. Great internet connectivity
  10. The Netherlands has the best healthcare system in Europe according to the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index

    And of course number 11… we have stroopwafels, the tastiest caramel cookies in the world that have an uncanny resemblance to silicon wafers. Did we just blow your mind?

Holland Expat Center

The Holland Expat Center South will help you and your family to settle into your new living and working environment. The expat center is a nonprofit governmental agency that offers help with many procedures, including registering with the municipality and getting your residence permit. The expat center can also connect you with reliable service providers in housing, taxation, finance & insurance, education & careers, personal & social needs, as well as fun topics such as culture and recreation. All of this information is available free of charge.

You can visit the expat center's office in Eindhoven or check them out online.

Read their booklet The Expat's Guide.

Our benefits package

High-quality people are a key asset to our company. To recognize that, we offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best people and let them share in the success that they build:

  • 13th month payment*
  • 8% holiday allowance*
  • Variable pay
  • Pension scheme
  • 40 days off: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days
    (reduction of working hours)*
  • Commuting allowance
  • Reimbursement of external study
  • Share purchase, with 20% premium
  • Collective health insurance plan
  • Relocation expense reimbursement 
The mentioned benefits are applicable in the Netherlands. *Options may change depending on your salary grade.


  • 23,247 employees
  • € 10.9 billion net sales
  • 60 offices in 16 countries
  • € 2.6 billion net income
  • 123 different nationalities
  • € 1.5 billion research & development spending

Read more

  • The Expat’s Guide from the Holland Expat Center gives practical information about living in the Netherlands and Eindhoven. Things you want to know in order to decide if it's attractive to move here for a job at ASML. Answers to questions like: Is there an international school for my children? How do I arrange a permit? How can I benefit from the 30% income tax regulation? Which culture and leisure activities are offered? Read the digital version of the Expat’s Guide.
  • What's the price of an outdoor meal in Eindhoven? What does a liter of milk cost? And what do I pay for a new pair of jeans when I live in the Netherlands? Expatistan compares the cost of living between cities.
  • Innovation Origins is your sneak preview of the future – daily news on innovation right from Brainport Eindhoven. Every week, Innovation Origins also has a talk with an international person about what brought them here and what life is like in Eindhoven. Read the personal stories of Noélie from FranceBeatriz from SpainIskandar from Uzbekistan and Christos from Greece
  • Eindhoven is bursting with energy, with a constant flow of new developments in the fields of creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge. Visit and discover hotspots, highlights, events and other activities to help you get to know the design capital of the Netherlands.

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