Software design is vital for ASML’s evolution

At ASML we make world-leading, high-tech lithography systems for our chip making customers. Our tailor made machines can image billions of structures in a few seconds with an accuracy of a few silicon atoms. To print microchips that are smaller, faster and more energy-efficient, the demands on these systems go beyond hardware. Software can bring our machines to the next level, and therefore software design is vital for our evolution.

At ASML, software engineers work in different software expertise fields. Next to the embedded software that controls our machines, we also build pure software products – based on sophisticated simulations of our lithography systems – that help our customers to optimize chip designs for manufacturability. Another type of software, finally, is the glue between different machines: taking in measurements, calculating the necessary corrections and feeding them back to the lithography system to keep its performance stable.

We have more than 1500 people working on software development and another 18,000+ colleagues beyond software that are eager to share their expertise. Our teams work as part of a multidisciplinary collaboration with ASML functional and customer support teams. During product development, we join forces with mathematicians, physicists and semiconductor production specialists to determine the optimal strategy, design and implementation for detection and correction of various physical, chemical and thermal phenomena which can affect the production processes of our customers.

Not only embedded software

Most people think that only embedded software is relevant for a machine production company like ASML. They are really surprised when they learn that ASML has very large software departments where people work with Java, C#, Big Data, Algorithmics and UX Design.

At the heart of ASML’s product portfolio is the lithography machine, also called scanner. To help our customers to shrink the size of transistors on a chip, we must continuously improve the capabilities of our systems to image smaller features with greater accuracy. In advanced chip manufacturing, the margins for error are so small, that it is no longer sufficient to look at the scanner in isolation. That’s where application software comes in. This software can help us to let the chip patterns shrink another few nanometers.

Our application software developers work with a unique combination of extreme complexity and very high volume data. They further enhance system performance and reliability with predictive algorithms, which optimize the blueprint of a chip for the best possible result, and with metrology, which analyzes and corrects the chip manufacturing process in real-time. The developers use metrology systems which generate up to 2.5GB of data per minute, and develop applications that make a combination of slight adjustments to the thousands of parameters controlling the ASML scanner.

The number of people working in the ASML Applications Business Line is currently growing at around 30% year on year, and the importance of this business line to ASML is more strategic than it has ever been.

The applications software challenge

45 million lines of code

Our lithography systems are a hybrid of high-tech hardware and advanced software. They are modular so we can service, upgrade and continuously improve them. The Software cluster in ASML Design & Engineering plans, develops, designs, tests and integrates complete software packages which drive a generation of ASML products. Focus is on movement control on nanometer level, imaging performance, user interfacing and customer recipe definition and execution.

We call it embedded software, but our machines are like an automated factory in itself. There is a lot of functionality within the system itself, but that is not all. That software must also work well with the customer's system. Since the software landscape is expanding on both sides, working closely together with the customer is the only way to tackle the increasing complexity.

All of our lithography systems make use of a code base legacy developed over the last 30 years – more than 45 million lines of code! And more than 20 computing nodes running more than 200 processes. A challenging environment like no other.

Meet Matija - Metrology Software Design Engineer
“I like the diversity in this company. I work with people from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines.” Kangqi Li, Software Designer
Software designer

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How ASML’s strong hardware focus and our expertise in physical modeling and numerical algorithms made us a leader in optical proximity correction software:

When debugging a complex manufacturing process, machine learning and data mining can uncover hidden causal relationships, dramatically shortening the search for root causes:

Meet Aparna - Senior Design Engineer at ASML


A passion for working on problems that have never been tackled before, let alone solved, is in the nature of our developers. We need you to be a change agent. We want you to be patient yet persistent. We’re looking for entrepreneurs: independent professionals who flourish from being autonomous.  A clear vision helps you to push through. Your challenge is to work with hundreds of others in our multicultural environment to let this one specific high tech machine succeed. We dare you every day to push your limits. Collaboration is the way of working that will help you to keep ASML in pole position.


  • have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (BSc/MSc) in a technical field of study
  • have a passion for programming. In ASML, we use traditional and modern languages to build very complex software scripts, such as: C++, Python, C, C#, Java.
  • If you have some knowledge of the following, that would be a nice plus:
    Operating systems:  Unix or Linux

    Version control systems: ClearCase or SVN
    Tools : MATLAB,  Valgrind, Wireshark, Jenkins, Eclipse
    Protocols: TCP/IP
    Project management: Agile, Scrum

Choose your career path

As a software developer at ASML you have the opportunity to define your own career path. After gaining experience as a designer and then lead designer, you could become an architect or move into team-, project- and group leadership. The choice is yours. The challenges that we are facing ask for highly experienced professionals as well as young professionals.


19,216 employees

60 offices in 16 countries

115 different nationalities

Net sales €9,053 million

Net income €2,119 million

Research & Development spending €1,260 million



Our company has many dimensions: from physics to finance, from San Diego to Shanghai, from Research to Logistics. It offers the opportunity to broaden our view and realize our potential. For the eager, this company does not just offer a job - it offers a career.

To get to the best ideas, we question everything while keeping an open, curious mind. We know that a great idea can come from anyone, so we foster a melting pot of different backgrounds, talents and passions. We are proud of that diversity and we know that it makes us stronger. We are eager to share our knowledge and want to learn new things. We cherish our open culture that makes it all possible.

Our benefits package

High-quality people are a key asset to our company. To recognize that, we offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best people and let them share in the success that they build:

  • 13th month payment
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • Profit sharing
  • Share purchase, with 20% premium
  • Reimbursement of external study
  • Collective health insurance plan
  • Pension scheme
  • Commuting allowance
  • Relocation expense reimbursement 
  • 40 days off: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (reduction of working hours)
The benefits above are applicable in the Netherlands. ASML will make a tailor-made compensation & benefit package based on your individual situation.

Job opportunities

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C-sharp developer team

C# Machine Software Developer

Are you challenged by delivering solutions to complex engineering problems in a multi-disciplinary team-effort? Do you enjoy capitalizing on .NET software technology in an Agile development context to create solutions that our customers appreciate?

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Class Software Graduate Training Program

Software Graduate Program

The ASML Software Graduate Program is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your software career. Join us as a graduate and your first job will be in one of the most advanced software companies in the world, preparing you for a bright future!

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ASML employee sitting in garden of building 7

Software Architect

Are you a successful software architect who wants to master the very latest emerging technologies? Are you eager to take a truly holistic view of the semiconductor industry and all of its exciting, fast-developing technologies?


ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands (Google Maps), amid a thriving ecosystem of high-tech companies that have turned the region into Europe’s top tech hub.  Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, the region sets itself apart by its unique culture of open innovation. The Brainport  Eindhoven Region is sometimes called ‘The Silicon Valley of Europe’ and has been declared Intelligent Community of the Year (2011).

The Brainport Eindhoven Region offers high living standards, good work-life balance and exciting opportunities for your professional and personal development.

Would you like to learn more about our working and living in the Netherlands? Read all about it here