ASML Scholarships

ASML knows the importance of investing in the next generation of engineers, physicists, and scientists. Today’s science and engineering students are tomorrow’s scientists and engineers who will contribute to future inventions and breakthrough technology. That’s why we’ve developed competitive scholarship programs in the US and the Netherlands to provide financial support for our next generation engineers looking to pursue a career in the semiconductor industry.


Technology Scholarship - the Netherlands

Each year ASML awards 25 students with the ASML Technology Scholarship. The ASML Technology Scholarship is open for students who are planning to pursue a technical master’s degree at a Dutch university.

Scholarship - USA

ASML’s U.S. Scholarship Program is designed for outstanding U.S. students in the fields of engineering and science looking to accelerate their education and career. The goal of our Scholarship Program is to help aspiring undergraduate students achieve their academic goals, while providing them with the opportunity to interact with mentors at a leading-edge technology company in the semiconductor industry.

Scholarship USA ASML