ASML Technology scholarship

Each year ASML awards 25 students with the ASML Technology Scholarship. The ASML Technology Scholarship is open for students who are planning to pursue a technical master’s degree at a Dutch university. We are looking for students with at least a 7.5 average score and extracurricular activities showing a drive for personal development and achievement.
Shruti, ASML Technology Scholarship participant
The ASML Technology Scholarship makes me more self-aware and capable, both on a personal and professional level. Shruti Kestur, ASML Technology Scholarship participant
Freek, ASML Technology Scholarship participant
My ASML mentor helps me think about study and career choices, and through him I also see what working at ASML is really like. Freek Hoekstra, ASML Technology Scholarship participant

Our support

Financial support of 5000 euro per year for both years of the full-time master degree.

A personal ASML mentor who guides you in your personal development.

A two-year professional development program.

Introduction to  ASML activities, specialists and knowledge

What's in it for you

We ask all scholarship students to do a Technology Ambassador project within their scholarship period. This means sharing your enthusiasm about technology and science with a target group of your choice, for example by giving guest lectures at highschools, posting youtube videos on science subjects, or doing a technology project with underprivileged kids.
Maarten, ASML Technology Scholarship participant
The ASML Technology Scholarship has been extremely valuable to me. I’ve learned a lot about ASML and what it’s like to work in a company, but also about what job opportunities are available for me as a mechanical engineer. In terms of personal development, I’ve really benefited from the training sessions, the mentorship, and I feel like I’ve also developed my soft skills quite a bit. Maarten van Poppelen, ASML Technology Scholarship participant

Do you fit?

Are you a student who has (nearly) completed a BSc and wants to pursue a MSc program at a Dutch university from the following list (including specializations within these master programs):

  • (Applied) Physics / Astronomy
  • Computer Science / Software Engineering
  • (Applied) Mathematics
  • Material Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems & Control/ mechatronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Nanotechnology / Nanoscience / Nanomaterials

How to apply?

Sorry, the application deadline for the ASML Technology Scholarship was on April 12, 2019. If you want to receive a notification when the application for 2020 is open, please fill in your details here.